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Lawn care in Hampshire and West Sussex

Q. When can a new lawn be laid?
A. New lawns can be laid all year round, however we do not recommend to lay new turf when the ground is frozen in winter as it causes damage to the roots.
Q. When shall I water my newly laid lawn?
A. Watering should commence immediately after new turf has been laid:
• Watering your lawn is the single most important step you need to take to establish a beautiful and lasting lawn.
• Ensure that the new lawn is never short of water. Make sure, when watering, the water has thoroughly percolated through to the underlying soil. Water repeatedly until the turf is well established.
• It is best to water turf either in the early morning or during the evening so less water will be lost to evaporation.
• Once established, occasional watering during dry periods should be adequate.
• If your new turf should dislodge, carefully put it back in place and continue caring for it. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in permanent irreparable damage to new turf.

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Q. When should I cut a newly laid lawn?
A. Mowing is the single most important act of lawn maintenance. You can start mowing as soon as fourteen days after laying turf if this can be done without disturbing the rooting process. Most people leave the grass to get too long before mowing.
Q. Should I collect the grass clippings?
A. It is not necessary to collect clippings unless they cover the grass and block sunlight from reaching the lawn. Grass clippings are rich in nutrients, and by returning them to the turf in small amounts you are actually creating a healthier lawn.
Q. Should I feed my lawn?
A. We recommend, whether it be new or existing lawn, to maintain a good healthy lawn as part of lawn maintenance it should be fed at least twice a year. Once in the autumn and again in the spring with our recommended feeds and fertilisers.

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